Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whale Watching, Bears, Hiking OH MY!!

So I've always been intrigued with various oddities:
-I'm obsessed with Ireland
-I'm obsessed with Bed and Breakfasts
-I love whale watching
-I think I'd like to try spelunking
-Victorian Homes
-I like Jazz music and actually think I have a nice Jazz voice
-pumpkins make me happy

etc. That's not really a list just and odd bunch of facts. Larry and I put together a list of ten things we would like to do before we died. Not surprisingly since we are so alike we had a lot of things in common. One thing that he had on his list that I did not was to visit Denali park after the wolf cubs have been born. (This was ALLL pre Palin, so don't go there). I immediately needed to know more about it. While we were on the phone I was looking at the Denali state park website and checking out various other websites of places to stay and things to do and I am officially hooked! Since then I signed up for a B&B newsletter, which would alert me to hot deals in certain areas that you are interested in. They've been sending me some great deals which are just absolutely breathtaking. I mean Alaska really is a beautiful long as you're not going during their summer (Mid May -Mid August) I don't do mosquitoes. There are so many things we want to do, many of which are listed above. I would love to take Larry Whale watching. I've been off the east coast when I was visiting New Brunswick. Then they have this tour where you can take a helicopter ride and see Black bears catching wild Salmon and playing by the rivers, and countless countless other activities. Including of course if we can, seeing the wild wolf cubs.

So I sigh a little at all of the beautiful B&B's that are sent to my inbox and dream about our Alaskan vacation!


Maverick Larry said...

It all sounds so fun. I wonder if their are any ministers that are up for a glacier visit.

Sarah said...

::Mouth hangs open::

Sarah said...

You are a cheeky little monkey, yesiree.

David'Z RantZ said...

Maverick Larry: Dude, you put that in writing. And I've seen it. I'll testify to it in court, even. ;-)


"I'm obsessed with Bed and Breakfasts"

My cousin runs an herb farm, and they have a handful of rooms in a B&B type situation. I almost stayed there myself, but my guest backed out at the last minute. Crap.

"I love whale watching"

No wonder you liked my last "Silver Fox" post. (The new one's up a day early, by the way.)

"Pumpkins make me happy"

I've dated some women who preferred other vegetables. (Sorry.)

Sarah & Maverick Larry: Is this behind-the-scenes story going to unfold on the main blog now?

Sarah said...

Alright Mr. Rantz no other comments about vegetables needed here! This is a family blog dont-cha-know.

You made me laugh uncontrollably Ava thinks I'm a little bonkers.

There's no real behind the scenes story. Just an inevitablity, eh hunnie?

Maverick Larry said...

Testify away Rantz. We didn't work through a pre-marital workbook because we were bored. We're not sure how much we'll allow to unfold on the blog, but all of you might be privileged to catch a few glimpses into the love story that is "us".

David'Z RantZ said...

Seriously, I'm impressed by the way you two keep it together despite the LDR (long distance relationship). That'd drive me nuts!

Sarah said...

You just made me go AWWWW out loud.
I love you baby.

Thanks Rantz, it takes a lot of work, but when you're with the person you're meant to be with, it's worth all of the work and effort. Infact it's not even work at all!

I know I know we're going to make everyone start gagging soon!! :)