Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deep Breath

This is one heckuva hectic week!
So I received a call back from the job I had applied for way back when. They had been pushed back because of AOP planning, so...I wasn't hearing much from the new prospective job...and surprise surprise I wasn't hearing much from the new potential promotion from my current position.

So as soon as I receive my call this week, I tell my manager to let her know that I have a 3 hour interview (I hope I get bathroom breaks). I email my boss's manager to ask him if it is okay to use him as a reference. He emails back saying of course, but that he would also: "Surely like to find a career path growth for you within Marcom Ops, if that's possible and of interest"


While I appreciate that he wants to keep me on the team, why wasn't more urgency put into creating a promotion for me in the past few weeks? Why now when I am facing an interview? Well because the potential of losing me becomes that much more of a reality of course. But don't they realize that if I was offered this new position I would take it over just a "possibility of career growth within Marcom Ops?".


I guess I'm frustrated because if I don't get this job I feel like trying to please me is going to die down again. And I'll have to fight twice as hard if I want to get them to push the promotion.



Kathy said...

u could fudge the truth a bit and say that u r on the short list for the position and that it really is a great opportunity but that you'd "haaaaaate to leave the team" and then see what happens.

mulderjoe said...

All companies are like that. I've only had one promotion and that's because they thought I was leaving.

Could also be because I'm a sucky worker.