Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have S'More problems...

I like s'mores.

Okay okay...I don't actually like s'mores, I love them.

Alright alright, I have a very intimate relationship with s'mores. Not only have we formed a life long bond and friendship, they are my bff.

I can seriously...oh and before I say it, this is a no judgment zone...consume upwards of 3 or more s'mores in one sitting. However I ran into a problem last week. You always either run out of chocolate or run out of graham crackers. I ran out of chocolate...an incredibly key component of s'mores.

So I tried to make do to get my "fix" if you will. I found that we had hershey kisses (not the same as the chipmunks) and started cutting them up into slices and placing them on my graham crackers. Then I heated up my marshmallow put it all together and I was good to go.

Well good to go in the sense that I would have no shame, I thought I could get away with eating it quickly so no one would see. I was in the kitchen having a private moment with my s'more and in walks Larry. He took one look at me with chocolate and marshmallow on my face, and one look at the hershey's kiss wrappers and sincerely said "You need help".

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 weeks...

I just sent the following to my Mother, Sister and Larry. I would also like to share it with you, to ensure that my wishes are carried out:

In three weeks I’ll be under the knife…

If I don’t make it please understand the following as my wishes:
1. I want to be cremated.
2. I want my ashes to be scattered over water.
3. Get rid of all my crap.
4. Someone finish my current romance novel…and then tell me what happens out loud as I will be listening.
5. Make sure Ava grows up understanding her Gnome roots.
6. Larry: You’re not to be in another relationship. I want you to live out the remainder of your life constantly thinking of me and my sweet sweet booty.
7. Melissa: You can have my shoes…also make sure your children and your childrens children know about the gnomes.
8. Mom: Please don’t steal any of my body parts or appendages before I am cremated. It’s creepy. Accept it.
9. Eat cupcakes at my wake.
10. Make sure the picture you use in place of a casket is a hot one…and has my new skinny self.