Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 weeks...

I just sent the following to my Mother, Sister and Larry. I would also like to share it with you, to ensure that my wishes are carried out:

In three weeks I’ll be under the knife…

If I don’t make it please understand the following as my wishes:
1. I want to be cremated.
2. I want my ashes to be scattered over water.
3. Get rid of all my crap.
4. Someone finish my current romance novel…and then tell me what happens out loud as I will be listening.
5. Make sure Ava grows up understanding her Gnome roots.
6. Larry: You’re not to be in another relationship. I want you to live out the remainder of your life constantly thinking of me and my sweet sweet booty.
7. Melissa: You can have my shoes…also make sure your children and your childrens children know about the gnomes.
8. Mom: Please don’t steal any of my body parts or appendages before I am cremated. It’s creepy. Accept it.
9. Eat cupcakes at my wake.
10. Make sure the picture you use in place of a casket is a hot one…and has my new skinny self.


Cake said...

Whoa...what's happening?!

Sarah said...

I sent you a quick note so you can delete your comment if you don't want major spam :)

Nothing serious, outpatient procedure. But it actually takes adults a lot longer to recuperate than children. So I'll be out of the office, sitting at home bored out of my skull...and or passed out sleeping form the tylenol 3's :)

So I hereby commission that you must ensure there is spectacular bloggage that week, thus henceforth providing much needed entertainment!

I speak so fancy!