Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exciting New Year

I know it's only the tenth day of the New Year, but so far is has been incredibly exciting.

1. My 93 days of lent is going really well. I have missed sushi I will confess, but perhaps that will be my big Birthday treat.

2. I've decided to enter a 5K run in May for Susan G Kolmen Breast cancer awarness. So far I've gone from a 16 min mile to a 13:26 min mile. And I finished 5K which is approximately 3.1 miles in 44 mins.

3. Probably the most exciting news is that I launched my website!! It was hard work, but completely worth it. You can even purchase cupcakes online! The website is:

Here's hoping that 2010 has been exciting for all of you as well!