Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shhh it's a secret....

I love secret rooms. I love rooms that look like rooms with no secrets but the secrets are secretly secreted away.

Larry understands this. He understands that when we buy a house we must somehow be able to make a secret room of secret secretness.

Here are some examples of acceptable secretness:

Ohh look at that nice Bookcase...but wait! SECRET ROOM OF WONDERS!!

I think I'll go workout upstairs...yeah you do that sweetie...bah blam! secret room under the stairs!

This is my favourite...there's like a whole other could be living an entirely different life back there!! Ka-chow!

However the likelyhood of me driving Larry crazy one day and him locking me in my secret room is highly probable. So, a friend and I thought that I should have a secret escape from said secret room, in the event such a thing should happen. I told her I liked how her secret mind worked!

One other problem is that I might forget how to open said secret room, and then we would need a cheat sheet near the secret room, which would completely cancel out any cool secretness.

So there are challenges...but the main focal point is that one day I will have a secret room.
As I like to tell Ava "I'm not asking you a question, I'm making a statement!"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Man

Yesterday was Larry's birthday!!! Hooray!!!

I can be sneaky if I want's just really hard for me to keep a secret. I get too excited about it I think.

But I managed to keep it all in this time!! I took 1/2 a day off of work and went to purchase some of his favourite things for a dinner. I even emailed Larry and told him my boss had scheduled a meeting from 5:30-6:30, which would mean I wouldn't be home until 7:30!! See? Sneaky!

I arrived home around 3pm, unpacked the groceries and started baking a chocolate chip cookie dough cake for the ice cream cake that Larry requested. Then I started making homemade candied peanuts and cashews!

Our final menu was a trio of appetizers:
Stuffed Shrimp
Lobster Bisque

And the Main course:
Shrimp Scampi

So all the while I have my work email open on our desktop, because I needed to make it seem that I was still at work. 6:00 rolls around, and if Larry has left at 5 or so, he should be home soon. So I send a text saying the meeting was so boring, how close to home was he. He texts me back saying he just left. Crap.

I quickly turn off most of the things I was getting ready to make and plate so they don't burn/overcook. Around 6:30 I get everything going again. I set a blanket on the ground with lots of pillows and candles and even had soft jazz playing for background noise! At around 6:40 I hear the back door close, I walk into the living room to find Larry with a very confused and bewildered expression on his face. I yell SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The first thing he says: Where's your car?

Anyways, we had a lovely meal together and evening...although ice cream cake is really hard to make fyi.