Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shhh it's a secret....

I love secret rooms. I love rooms that look like rooms with no secrets but the secrets are secretly secreted away.

Larry understands this. He understands that when we buy a house we must somehow be able to make a secret room of secret secretness.

Here are some examples of acceptable secretness:

Ohh look at that nice Bookcase...but wait! SECRET ROOM OF WONDERS!!

I think I'll go workout upstairs...yeah you do that sweetie...bah blam! secret room under the stairs!

This is my favourite...there's like a whole other could be living an entirely different life back there!! Ka-chow!

However the likelyhood of me driving Larry crazy one day and him locking me in my secret room is highly probable. So, a friend and I thought that I should have a secret escape from said secret room, in the event such a thing should happen. I told her I liked how her secret mind worked!

One other problem is that I might forget how to open said secret room, and then we would need a cheat sheet near the secret room, which would completely cancel out any cool secretness.

So there are challenges...but the main focal point is that one day I will have a secret room.
As I like to tell Ava "I'm not asking you a question, I'm making a statement!"


Cake said...


Sarah said...

Do you now possess the capabilities to make yourself a secret room? Please tell me you do Cake.

Larry and I will be in CAN for Christmas...we will come to you and help you build a secret room...

Cake said...

I have the house but not the money! Ack! Must find the money!

Will you be in TO? I wish TO was closer!

I'm more worried about this surgery, though. Please let me know what's what!

Sarah said...

Yes we will be in TO, but we'll have to see if we can shedule some road trips I would love to get up your way and also to QC.