Friday, April 18, 2008

ready to die a little? Make sure you have an ambulance on hand!!

Look at how freaking tiny she was. I am going to sit her weeping! I miss her, she's with grandma. It's cool...I'm tough...I can take it. I can't I'm a complete and utter wimp and I want my bunny back!!
She was so expressive even when she was little. She look so different now. That's one thing you probably notice the most looking back at old pictures. You'll hear people say "Oh my goodness they look so much different!" And you think that person is crazy, but when you really look back at your photos they really are SO different.
sigh, my bunny my bunny, where she goes I go too

Monday, April 14, 2008

The terrible twos?

It can sometimes be a bad thing when your child is an over achiever. Take Ava for example...she had her first tooth when she was 4 months old, and practically a full set by the time she was 1. Now she's getting her molars, can sing the alphabet and count to ten (among other equally fabulous things she can say and do...).

Today I had my first taste of a temper Not cool. I have a very well behaved child, seriously, I know everyone thinks that their child is well behaved when in reality they're a little terror monster that is out of control ready destroy everything in their path...but Ava is for the most part very well behaved. Today when she was screaming because she hadn't finished with the park I looked at her and said "What the hell is the matter with you?".
I was completely stunned to think she might be having a temper tantrum. It was horrible, I was ready to ship her off in a package. I even said "Ava you do not act this way, other peoples children act this way". Which didn't earn me the nicest glance from a nearby mother, but hey my perfect child was screaming and kicking.

She eventually did calm down and so did I, but then reared her ugly head again when it was time to get out of the bath. Not fun, she earned a tap on the bottom for that one that both surprised and did not amuse her. She did however stop squirming so I could put the diaper on, when I was changing her into her pjs she gave me her version of a sorry and a hug which was good.

Ohhh the joys of the terrible twos. I am hoping that because she is such a self starter that she will be in and out of the terrible twos like nothing and move on to being a cool three year old by the time her second birthday rolls around.

Hey, if anyone can do it, she can!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Creating a Blog? Skitter Skitter

Look I make NO commitments whatsoever. I don't even know why I created this thing and may delete it in five, it's just how I roll.

Maybe I'm in it for the fame, maybe it's the fortune, maybe it's to remind me to check up on Kicky and Jumpy...who knows for sure?

So you want to know more about me eh? Well if the eh didn't give away where I'm from originally you should just stop reading now, turn the computer off and skitter under a rock (-side note, how often do you get to write skitter? Is that even a word or something I just made up?)
I am the president of iHATS. No you don't understand and you probably never will.
I'm pretty proud of being the president I also do some free work for iHATS in QA checking...Joe knows how it is.

Oh and it would rock the house if someone could show me how to do the little link thing. Like when you say something important and want to link it to another page..yeah that how in the h do you do that??

I am going to break someones legs, it seriously sounds like there is a Cow in here, either it's a dying cell phone or someone playing with a cow in the basement. STOP WITH THE MOOING!

Why do they make it so hard for you to make a blog...okay it's not that hard (that's what she said) but it's tough to choose what colours you want...I just looked at my blog and it's like a frog threw up all over it. I'm going to change...well maybe, let's face it I'm too lazy and or will never figure out how.
But if you're reading this and it's a different colour, I'm officially a genius!