Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catch up


No blog for a while...sorry about that! So much has happened. Larry received a job in Milwaukee (WOOHOO!!) so there was lots of running around, house hunting, packing, moving and unpacking in the last few weeks.

Some of our favourite sayings over the past few weeks, has been to ask each other:
Sarah: "Larry, I have a really important question!"
Larry: "I'm listening!"
Sarah: "When do you have to go back to Florida?"
Larry: "Never never never!!*"

Mostly we have been unpacking, adjusting to our new commutes, and coexisting wonderfully. It has been great to see how easily all three of us seem to have fallen into our own rhythms with one another without as much as a hiccup along the way.

Tuesday we went to the Melting Pot to celebrate Larry's new job and his ridiculous .03 win in Fantasy Football. I know I know, a win is a win. But we had a lot of fun!

Pictures below!

*One of Ava's favourite things to say when she is upset is Never Never Never!