Monday, September 29, 2008

No no...oooh there it goes

Ava had a wonderful birthday. We had fun playing at the museum and painting clay pots...Ava decided she was too cool for Clay pots so she just colored the table with markers. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day:

Step 1. Whilst eating only the icing with her fingers, I showed Ava that you can actually take a bite into the cupcake. So this picture displays how incredibly happy this new found method of getting more icing into her mouth at one time makes her.

Step 2: She then proceeds to shove entire cupcake in face to ensure maximum input of icing into mouth. However the one flaw is that icing also gets all over face and into nasal cavity...

Step 3: How do you get icing out of you nasal cavity? By inserting your already covered with icing finger up there of course! Hilarity ensued.

Friday, September 26, 2008

10 Things 10 Cards -Day 4

This is one of my favorites. It features three different card stocks cut into strips, the blue and grey card stock on the end actually has felt in the white dots, so it has texture! :)

The one I ended up doing for the show is a little different, but same idea.

1. I had my appendix taken out when I was 17.

2. I still have the scar on my belly.

3. In grade 5 we were ice skating at a local skating rink. I fell on my butt and just laid on the ice, probably because I was tired of falling. A boy I knew said "Let's skate over Sarah's face". And proceeded to lift one leg over successfully, but the other not so successfully. He ended up nicking the top of my nose, which I was unaware of. I sat up and blood starting flowing down my face while everyone screamed. I don't remember crying, because I don't think it hurt that much. I got to eat chocolate and I had 4 stitches. I think I still have the scar, it's really tiny but I can sometimes see it in photographs.

4. I can't decide if I am more of a dog person or a cat person. Seeing as I only have fish right now, and I don't have to do much with them, like clean up poop and buy expensive food....maybe I'm neither.

5. Pink is my absolute favorite colour.

6. I like criticism...when it is valid and not malicious. And I don't feel like when I make something for my coworkers they are always able to tell me anything I could do to make it better. They seem to be more grateful for the treat that they didn't have to make themselves.

7. I pray for a lot of people on the blogs almost every night.

8. I make really really yummy Ground Turkey Chili.

9. I'm allergic to any dark sodas.

10. And Beef.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 Things 10 Cards - Day 3

This one is pretty cute, it features a dark purple card stock, the "Let it Snow" is stamped, then coloured in with marker. I think put glitter above the i in it, and on the snowman's hat.

Cute for any snowman lover!

1. This is getting harder, either I can't remember interesting things about myself, or I'm really not that interesting...

2. I'm extremely romantic. I read romance books like they're cereal boxes. I can't help it I like getting lost in the story and letting the romance consume me. It usually takes me less than a day to finish a 300-400 page book that I really like.

3. I sometimes worry that I will never find any job that completely satisfies me.

4. I think it's very odd that Americans can be disrespectful of the President. Calling them by their first names, saying inappropriate things about them.

5. I sometimes think I can be either way too sympathetic or not sympathetic enough. -I can sometimes let people walk on me, but then think people with depression are just lazy.

6. The hardest person for me to lose so far was my Avo.

7. When my sister was going through some hard times I wrote down different passages from the bible and stuck them in her wallet so that she would find them when she needed them. She later told me that they had helped. But she still hates or maybe doesn't believe in God.

8. When I knew someone who had an abortion I prayed everyday that that person wouldn't go through with it. When she did, I wrote down two names, one for a girl and one for a boy and keep it tucked in my bible. Just as I knew it would happen, that person now regrets it.

9. I believe life begins at conception. That baby may not have a heart beat or be breathing, but their cells are splitting and developing, when a seed is planted in the ground and you water it, does it not begin to change and grow?

10. I also believe that being Gay is a choice. I won't get into it, and I don't care what your choice is either way, but if you look at the Animal Kingdom there are no gay animals. If there were animals would start dying off.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I knew I would get around to this eventually!
This card features textured rust coloured cardstock and I've stamped the leaves in the background. I then Stamped the two pumpkin images onto different styled cardstock, cut them out and adhered everything to the card.

1. I absolutely hate to be called Ma'am. You have no idea how much that annoys me. I am 25 years old! Not 100! Where did Miss go? argh!

2. I only use Helman's low fat mayo. I don't like tangy zips.

3. I hate Ribs and Chicken wings. Although I will eat Chicken wings and I'm sure Ribs taste just fine, I absolutely detest having my fingers dirty/messy. (No inappropriate jokes needed)

4. One of the places I miss most is the gigantic Park near the Inn on the Park hotel.

5. There is a Sarah Street near Downtown Toronto. It's proabably max 5 sidewalk slabs long, but my Daddy always says "If there is ever an emergency or the end of the world, I'll meet you at Sarah Street".

6. I'm absolutely heartbroken that my Father and Sister have not spoken in over a year. And I happen to think they are both being immature and childish. They are also both right and both wrong, and should get over themselves.

7. My regular Sub from Subway is a footlong oven roasted chicken breast on whole wheat, toasted with lettuce, tomato, lots of green peppers, a little bit of light mayo and southwest chipotle sauce.

8. I absolutely love coffee. You have no idea how much I love it. We're BFF.

9. Everytime Ava turns another year old I am sad.

10. I'm afraid someone is going to start something at Ava's birthday party this weekend...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ten Things Ten Cards - Day 1

So I've decided to share the ten cards that I am doing for the Craft Show and ten things that you may or may not know about me.

First Card:

This card (which you can't see most of even though I used that stupid flower setting) is on a textured cream cardstock, with the green and red cardstock layered on top. I stamped the Christmas tree image, and Season's Greetings in Versamark, and then used some silver embossing powder, and a heat gun to melt the embossing powder leaving me a great image of the Christmas tree. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I think it looks great.

Ten things you may or may not know about me:

1. I can pick up pretty much anything with my toes. Bottles, pennies, clothes etc. I have freakishly strong toes.

2. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I love Canada, and no matter where I live it will always truly be home to me.

3. I have a weird obsession with a) Victorian Houses and b) Porches. When we do buy a house in the next few years it will probably be a Victorian house and have a large porch.

4. My favourite flower is a white Daisy.

5. I'm kind of a food snob, not towards other people, but more towards restaurants who should know what they are doing but don't. I often critique the food I eat when I am out and can almost always pin point which spice was needed to make the meal better, or which one should have been left out. I have little to no sympathy for whiny waiters and incompetent kitchen staff. (I.E. Cold Mashed Potatoes)

6. My favourite time of the year is Fall. I like fall fashions, fall weather and fall smells. That wet leaves smell you can only smell during fall, taking long walks in beautiful parks that have the leaves all changing colours. Fall foods, casseroles and soups! Love it!

7. I'm actually very handy, when I was little I spent a lot of time with my Dad helping him building things and using my hands. He taught me a lot and I'm greatful for it. I put together all of my furniture and I love home improvement jobs.

8. Even though I joke about leaving Ava on a bus or handing her over to strangers when she is driving me crazy, I'm very proud of her. I think she's incredible smart and that even at two *tear*, she's an amazing woman.

9. I used to be scared of the future because I could never see a direct or clear path. It always felt like it was out of focus or I couldn't quite grasp it. For those who know me, they I'm sure are well aware of how that makes me, the planner, the organizer, the writer and researcher of all things, feel. Making hard decisions and standing up for myself for the first time in too long allowed my path and future to settle nicely into focus.

10. I recently applied for a new job within my company. I like my current job, even the days that drive me crazy, but I do not feel that I am being challenged enough, I also cannot see a clear career path (see above...) so that is why I am applying for a new one, one that does have a career path. Even if my current unit offers me a promotion with more money, even if it happens to be more money than the other I applied for, I will most likely still turn it down in favor for the other job, because it's not about the money, it's about the focused path.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Everbody's got something to hide except me and my apple pie

I know I know, I haven't posted.
I've unfortunately been unbelievably busy at work, with work. Then a new job I've applied for within the same company, and my boss trying to get me a promotion so that I don't leave her group, it's been a little hectic.

Sunday was a VERY nice day though. I lounged a little, made some soup and casseroles, then made little mini apple pies. They were so cute and actually really good. I would post a picture but I can't because my drive is down. Stupid work.

What I've been up to

1. Went to Florida: That was so much fun. We had an absolute blast and it was so nice being able to relax and spend time with the kids and Larry's parents.

2. Work: See Above

3. Ava's 2nd Birthday: I simply cannot seem to come to terms with the fact that my precious angel is going to be 2. (Note: I use the term "precious angel" VERY loosely, considering she can be when she wants to an angry I'm my own person, I can do my own things sort of way.)

4. Craft Show at work: With everything else going on, why I chose to do this is beyond me. I'm making about 1000 Holiday cards (Thanksgiving/Christmas) to sell at the craft show. All by hand....I'm slightly deranged.

That's about it I think.

I promise to post pictures of pie, plus the cards I am making tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you and goodnight

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something that I find important

I realize not everyone will but something that has definitely helped me in the past few months stay on track and become closer to God has been the wonderful music and programs from Life 102.5.

They are having a Sharathon right now, basically a pledge drive that helps support The Lord's word and keeps his message out there. The radio station is not sponsored by anything other than their listeners. It is completely commercial free, which is actually a really nice change.

Anyways, if you are feeling the need to give and take part in Sharathon here is the link:

They have helped and touched a lot of people.