Friday, September 26, 2008

10 Things 10 Cards -Day 4

This is one of my favorites. It features three different card stocks cut into strips, the blue and grey card stock on the end actually has felt in the white dots, so it has texture! :)

The one I ended up doing for the show is a little different, but same idea.

1. I had my appendix taken out when I was 17.

2. I still have the scar on my belly.

3. In grade 5 we were ice skating at a local skating rink. I fell on my butt and just laid on the ice, probably because I was tired of falling. A boy I knew said "Let's skate over Sarah's face". And proceeded to lift one leg over successfully, but the other not so successfully. He ended up nicking the top of my nose, which I was unaware of. I sat up and blood starting flowing down my face while everyone screamed. I don't remember crying, because I don't think it hurt that much. I got to eat chocolate and I had 4 stitches. I think I still have the scar, it's really tiny but I can sometimes see it in photographs.

4. I can't decide if I am more of a dog person or a cat person. Seeing as I only have fish right now, and I don't have to do much with them, like clean up poop and buy expensive food....maybe I'm neither.

5. Pink is my absolute favorite colour.

6. I like criticism...when it is valid and not malicious. And I don't feel like when I make something for my coworkers they are always able to tell me anything I could do to make it better. They seem to be more grateful for the treat that they didn't have to make themselves.

7. I pray for a lot of people on the blogs almost every night.

8. I make really really yummy Ground Turkey Chili.

9. I'm allergic to any dark sodas.

10. And Beef.

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Larry said...

Prepare to be sold out of Christmas cards in October.