Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 Things 10 Cards - Day 3

This one is pretty cute, it features a dark purple card stock, the "Let it Snow" is stamped, then coloured in with marker. I think put glitter above the i in it, and on the snowman's hat.

Cute for any snowman lover!

1. This is getting harder, either I can't remember interesting things about myself, or I'm really not that interesting...

2. I'm extremely romantic. I read romance books like they're cereal boxes. I can't help it I like getting lost in the story and letting the romance consume me. It usually takes me less than a day to finish a 300-400 page book that I really like.

3. I sometimes worry that I will never find any job that completely satisfies me.

4. I think it's very odd that Americans can be disrespectful of the President. Calling them by their first names, saying inappropriate things about them.

5. I sometimes think I can be either way too sympathetic or not sympathetic enough. -I can sometimes let people walk on me, but then think people with depression are just lazy.

6. The hardest person for me to lose so far was my Avo.

7. When my sister was going through some hard times I wrote down different passages from the bible and stuck them in her wallet so that she would find them when she needed them. She later told me that they had helped. But she still hates or maybe doesn't believe in God.

8. When I knew someone who had an abortion I prayed everyday that that person wouldn't go through with it. When she did, I wrote down two names, one for a girl and one for a boy and keep it tucked in my bible. Just as I knew it would happen, that person now regrets it.

9. I believe life begins at conception. That baby may not have a heart beat or be breathing, but their cells are splitting and developing, when a seed is planted in the ground and you water it, does it not begin to change and grow?

10. I also believe that being Gay is a choice. I won't get into it, and I don't care what your choice is either way, but if you look at the Animal Kingdom there are no gay animals. If there were animals would start dying off.

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Larry said...

Very cute card, beautiful. You're so creative.

You are very interesting. You're just having a hard time remembering all your awesomeness.

Those are all such great things that make you such a wonderful person.

When I get done with this flooring, I think I'll end up posting pictures. Hopefully, I can be done tomorrow night.