Friday, April 18, 2008

ready to die a little? Make sure you have an ambulance on hand!!

Look at how freaking tiny she was. I am going to sit her weeping! I miss her, she's with grandma. It's cool...I'm tough...I can take it. I can't I'm a complete and utter wimp and I want my bunny back!!
She was so expressive even when she was little. She look so different now. That's one thing you probably notice the most looking back at old pictures. You'll hear people say "Oh my goodness they look so much different!" And you think that person is crazy, but when you really look back at your photos they really are SO different.
sigh, my bunny my bunny, where she goes I go too

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Joe Doherty said...

holy crap those are some mighty cute pictures of a beautiful little girl!