Thursday, October 23, 2008


There's some other chick interviewing for MY job! And she's wearing a skirt...and no stockings!! NO STOCKINGS!!! I am wearing a crisp black suit with a classy white shirt underneath...AND I have my resume separated out in folders! Not cheap Manila folders...ACTUAL nice swaggy with a clear cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Maverick Larry said...

Yeah, but you look nice AND you have substance. You're not just eye candy. You actually get stuff done. It's like being a complete package deal.

David'Z RantZ said...

I heard that the other "chick" was also wearing crotchless panties and a WonderBra. Who's hiring for this job, Bill Clinton?

What "position" was this? (I shudder to think!)

Maybe you should stay with the company that offers you a bone-toss promotion only because they see your true worth when you're almost gone? Doesn't that sound inviting?

What remarkable choices!

If I had the money, I stake you in that bakery. The overlords of the workforce are absolute twits.