Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate so far

1. Why am I listening to 90% of what is already in your commercials? Why didn't they just run Obama/McCain commercials back and forth every minute.

2. McCain is Maverlicious "I'll answer the question" (referring to Social Security/Medicare question)

3. I think it's cute that McCain can't hear some of the questions.

4. Drinking games with this debate aren't as easy to come by...I'm not drunk at all.

5. Maverick

6. I kind of want one or both of them to randomly drop the mic while speaking.

7. Tom Brokaw is getting really pissed. At least one of us is drunk.

8. Red Light Green Light.

9. I think the random people asking questions wish they were watching The Office.

10. McCain is making funny faces at Obama while he's answering the questions.

To sum up: I should start drinking every time they go over their minute...then I'd be plenty drunk.

1 comment:

Maverick Larry said...

I think part of it should be a talent contest or a spelling contest or a math contest.

Easy way to get drunk during the presidential debates = Take a shot when the following words are said:
Middle class
Voting record
Housing market

We should develop a Presidential Debate bingo. I'll start distributing the sheets.