Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun Pictures!

These are some pictures I found mostly from Larry's camera, of our Florida visit!
I love this shot! Ava is so cute giving Momma a kiss!

All of these birds kept landing on me to drink the syrup from the cup...and try to eat my necklace!
This was one of only two pictures we took of all four of us together. Too bad Joseph isn't looking...and too bad Ava looks like she's trying to seduce someone...
Here's one just before we went into a paddle was awkward because we had so much stuff with the kids. Their faces make me laugh!
We had just fed the Giraffe! This is one of my favorite photos and my favorite thing to do at the Zoo!
Don't you love our windblown sillyness?


Maverick Larry said...

I love those pictures. That was such a good vacation.

Kathy said...

Beautiful Ava!

not having a little girl, I live vicariously through your blog


Kathy said...


that bird looks pretty hungry!!!!

Sarah said...

::grins:: Thanks Kathy! If you ever want to borrow her to find out how happy you are to have sweet boys let me know...hehehe

They were hungry! They were eating my necklace like crazy! One even pinched my hand because it was in the way of his syrup!