Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So my increased swelling and lack of help caring regarding my DVT led me to post on a free forum for DVT.

Almost everyone suggested I wasn't getting the right medical advice/attention regarding this, and suggested I see a Hematologist (someone who specializes in blood, I googled it). So I have an appointment on Nov 14th which was the next available appointment. Some are satisfied with the appointment me, some think it should be sooner coughcoughLarrycoughcough.

In other news McDonalds is running Monopoly on Oct 7th. I generally don't even like McDonald's and only eat there when forced...except when they play Monopoly. Then it suddenly becomes a tantalizing gourmet meal. Why is it we love McDonald's during Monopoly so much? Or is it just me?



Larry said...

*raises hand* I'm guilty. When my sweetheart is having problems, I think the doctors should be putting her at the front of the line in order to diagnose her issue. This clot has gone on for way too long and I want answers from the medical community. I'm about ready to start kicking some resident doctor hiney.

Sarah said...

hee hee hiney

We'll get it figured out soon.