Monday, October 27, 2008

I build stuff

This is Larry. So, I'm done laying down my laminate flooring and the only thing I have left to do is nail in the base shoe and repaint the baseboards. This Saturday night, I decided to build something I've always wanted to .... my own workbench. I found some plans I downloaded a few years ago. I modified some dimensions to make it a little taller to suit me. It's nothing elaborate, but it's nice and simple which is what I wanted. I'll post pictures of my workbench and my flooring for your viewing pleasure. Sarah helped me paint the room, so props go out to her. She did an amazing job of taping and painting. I've also got pictures of my bathroom renovations I did awhile ago. I ripped up the linoleum and installed some tile and replaced the vanity and toilet. Those were fun project.


Sarah said...

1. Why, when Men have pictures of their bathrooms do they always have the toilet seat up?

2. Your workbench is AMAZING! He's being very modest. It wasn't like he took one whole Saturday to do it. He started at like 5 or something and was finished by around 7:30!!

3. I call base shoe bless you when Larry and I speak because the way he says it makes me giggle and want to sneeze...kinda.

4. You are an amazingly talented house-fixer-upper darling!! I can't wait to find our little diamond in the rough.

5. He is over prop-ercising my painting help. I am not that great of a painter. But I did tape well. I'm more the eye candy than anything else ::wink::

6. I call dibs on prop-ercising.

7. Seven.

8. I have oatmeal chocolate chip cookies at my desk. Not the best, not the worst I have made.

9."...and did I catch a niner in there? What were you calling from? Your walkie talkie?"

10. If I don't hear about the job soon, I am going to go even more crazy than I am right now.

Maverick Larry said...

1) We leave the seat up to prove that we do indeed clean our bathroom.....and we like it up.

2) Thanks baby. It was very fun to build.

4) I also can't wait to fix our house up and make it ours.

5) You're more than eye candy. My kitchen appreciates your cleaning skills. I still smile when I see that corner of the kitchen.

9) Brothers don't shake hands. Brothers hug.

Sarah said...

P.S. The computer table could use a dusting, and I swear that if that refridgerator is a disaster I will cut you off...yep you guessed it! No more cooking!