Thursday, January 29, 2009

LOST...or something

So Larry had to work very late last night and I decided to type up some notes from the first little bit of LOST so he would know what he missed. Seeing as how I never even watched the show until last week I'm pretty sure he would have been better off not reading the email at all...


Maggie? Had a baby boy. They showed a flash back of it. There is a boat that's sailing it has the english guy on it the one where that other skinny nerd implanted the memory.
"We'll be in and out, he'll never know we're here Maggie, don't underestimate him." I think maybe they are sailing towards the island?

Then the group of people are walking in the brush, the red head has a headache. the skinny nerd just asked if she had dizzyness and double vision, and she said yes both. Then she said do you know what's happening to me, he said no nothings happening I won't let it happen. OH DUDE some guy tripped a wire and explosives went off. I don't know who's dead but now they're surrounded by arrows. and some chick in a tank top is holding a gun to them. It's miles the skinny scientist and the red head. The girl seems to know the skinny scientist dude.

Back on the boat with the english man. she insulted the english dude. They are going to go find the skinny dude's mom I think. Daniel is the skinny scientist dude.
"If your going to promise me something des please promise me you'll never go back to that island. Why would I ever want to go there?"

now I'm telling you.


Maverick Larry said...

It was totally helpful. She was such a sweety and would tell me what's going on while I drove home. I knew exactly what was happening thanks to her notes and her brilliant relaying of information via phone.

Sarah said...

Aww're a bad liar. But I love you.

mulderjoe said...

me too.

Randomness said...

You love Larry too?

David'Z RantZ said...

I'll love anyone who puts up a new post! Or are you both... lost (terrible joke intended)?