Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend snipets

Early Saturday morning:

ML: "Knock Knock"
Me: "Who's there?"
ML: "Interrupting Cow"
Me: ::Pause, says quickly:: "Interrupting Cow who?"
ML: ::Inaudible sound trying to interrupt but doesn't make it::
Me: ::Snickers::


Saturday night:

After winning two huge poker pots in a row...

Me: "I thought you were going to take my money?"
ML: "You just wait...Knock knock"
Me: "Who's there?"
ML: "Interrupting Cow"
Me: ::Thinking, seriously? repeats above::
ML: ::Repeats above::
Me: "You're not very good at this joke"
ML: "Yeah..."



Me: ::glances at the score of the Eagles/Giants game:: "Oh I guess the Giants did sco.."
ML: "Score a field goal?"
Me: "Yeah, it's 11-10 so I guess the turno..."
ML: "The turnover wasn't completely wasted?"
Me: "...get out of my head please"
ML: ::chuckles::*

Me: -Barbie movie preview comes on- "Ooooh this is the movie you've wanted to see eh?"
ML: "I get to pick next!!"
Me: ::Makes inappropriate Barbie and her best friend lesbian comment::
Movie: Shows Barbie and her friend going in for what we were sure was a kiss but settle for a hug.
ML: "ooooh they almost kissed, she was too nervous"
Me: "HAH!"

To sum up: Larry has been unsuccessful with knock knocks, I kick ass at poker and Barbie is a closet lesbian...or something.

*Perhaps making up for the knock knock joke?


Maverick Larry said...

Clearly these jokes are much funnier in person. My advice for any smart man: lose gracefully to the one you makes life much more enjoyable.

Sarah said...

To be fair, you won most of it back.

Cake said...

Oh my god! Someone told that interrupting cow joke at The Other Job Christmas (yes, I know it's late) dinner last night! HA!

Sarah said...

Did he/she manage to get through the joke successfully?

::Perfects innocent 'I was just asking hunnie!' face before Larry reads comment::

Maverick Larry said...

I was successful in my own mind. :D