Friday, January 9, 2009

Did ya miss us?

Hello all!

I fully recognize that I have been a slacker but I also fully recognize that I don't care! It was above and beyond fun being with our little family for ten days. We all sort of fell into a nice and easy rhythm with each other. And best of all it all happened naturally. We decided what we wanted to do every day, because our children are nappers our days are broken into two parts morning times and afternoon/evenings. Overall we had a blast!

We took the kids to the park, to Pump it up, Bowling/roller skating, to the museum. Which basically means we're the coolest parents ever! We even made bird feeders!

We had a very nice Christmas together. Actual Christmas day we flew into PNS, and had to file a lost luggage claim...whoops! Then we drove home and on the way the airport actually called me back to say they had found my luggage, somehow it ended up in Orlando, but we prayed about it and God found it! Then Larry had made an absolutely delicious Lasagna for dinner and we had some friends over, it was nice and relaxing.

Our Christmas was Saturday night/Sunday night. We opened presents on Saturday because knowing the kids they would never sleep with unopened presents under the tree. I received some lovely presents from Larry including the Once DVD and sound track, plus a very thoughtful gift of a DVD movie with our pictures on it. Joseph's big presents included a Handy Manny drill/saw that you can use the little tools to fix when it's broken, a wicked race car track and a Walle DVD from Ava, which he almost leapt over the ottoman to hug her. Ava received some very cool Little people toys and a Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD. Larry received some homemade presents from me including two different scrapbook type presents and a homemade scarf. But his most famous present the one I referenced in an older post was I adopted a wolf for him. So he has a certificate and picture and a little wolf stuffed animal. Also 2 years of the Family Handyman.

For New Years we were pretty low key, we grabbed a pizza with the kids and came home and watched Walle together. Where I, managed to successfully shush the kids three times since I apparently like it more than they do! Then Larry and I watched Episode 2 & 3 of the new Star Wars movies. I did not care for Episode 2.

The way home was absolutely dreadful. Spending those ten days together in what seemed so much like all of our home was the hardest thing to leave. There was much crying and tissue usage. Then, I accidentally forgot my keys at Larry's house along with my jacket, and we were stuck in Atlanta for 6 hours. But I wouldn't change a single thing.

And now enjoy a myriad of pictures:


Maverick Larry said...

Very wonderful visit. I know I had a blast.

Sarah said...

I fully conceed that my post was a bit scattered.

I had a great time as well baby