Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who's in the mood to carry a Fat Princess?

This is Larry here. So, one of my coworkers clearly does not have enough to do at work. He's usually on the internet about half the day looking for the latest video games news. I'm ok with it because I just sit back and enjoy the fruits of his searching while I do my work. I've smiled and nodded at most of his findings, but he came across this new game that looks like it's going to be really fun. Everyone get ready for .......... Fat Princess.

As you can see by the video, it's a very cartoonish looking game. It's a multiplayer game for the Playstation 3.....sorry for you XBOX losers. The main premise is that the teams are divided into 2. Each side has the opponent's Princess in their own castle. The object is to make it to the opponent's castle, pick up your team's Princess, and carry your fair maiden back to your own castle. Sounds easy? The funny part is that you can find slices of cake around the entire level that you can feed to the opponent's Princess in order to fatten her up and make it more difficult for the other team to carry her. Throw in the fact that you can beat up on the opponents, kill them, and make them start back over at their castle and you have a game with lots of multiplayer goodness. I just hope they include the capability to voice chat with your teamates so you can coordinate together and help each other.;title;4


Sarah said...

This looks like fun! And a little too hard for me!

Can't wait for you to teach me how to play!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Okay, but will this be easier than "Call of Duty"? If not, I don't think I can attempt to carry the Fat Princess.

Sarah said...

I concur with Sparkle. It looks like it might be a cartoon version of COD in which case I too will not be able to carry a fat princess.

Maverick Larry said...

This will be soooooo much easier than Call of Duty. For one thing, you can be the one to just run around looking for cake to fatten up the enemy's princess and will have little contact with the actual enemy. You can let the other people on your team carry the princess. You can also choose to be a Worker character and go find wood and stone and bring it back to your castle to help build your team's special powers. There are so many possibilities and ways that different people can help their team. As Hillary Clinton would say "It takes a village."