Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Coworker: So what needs to be created a new campaign?
Me: No a new Campaign Element.
Coworker: But the Campaign needs to be changed?
Me: No...You just need to create a new Element under the new Group Plan. (My Boss's name) sent out a
Coworker: I know but I didn't pay attention.
Me: Oh...well (His Boss's name) sent out a
Coworker: Yeah I didn't look at that either
Me: Well all that
Coworker: Well I'll just go to the Campaign Manager and make them do it (walking away)
Me: ...Okay...

This pretty much sums up my day! Thank goodness I'm getting free dinner. I hope there's cake.


Maverick Larry said...

That person is going to be in management some day. Anyone taking bets?

Sarah said...

HAH not my manager, I'd run for the hills!!