Friday, December 5, 2008

Darn it!

You know...there are some downsides to hosting a blog with your sig other.
For instance:
I bought Larry a GREAT gift for Christmas! I mean it's awesome I am so happy with my purchase and it's something I think he is really going to love. I ordered it, and it arrived today and I opened it up to make sure it was complete, and it was just perfect! I'm so excited about it, but I can't tell anyone about it.


This may or may not have been to slightly torment you.


David'Z RantZ said...

Well, cheer up, Sarah. Even if Maverick Larry was NOT your co-host, it's still a safe bet that he'd FOLLOW your blog, so you STILL couldn't post anything telling us what it is!

Hey, did you just call him your "significant other?" That's worse than a "Pocket Full of Sunshine!"

That's balderda- Hey, wait. It's after midnight. "Balderdash" is SO yesterday, right? How about piffle? Pish-tosh? Gotta save "humbug" for right around Christmas, of course...

Sarah said...

Sig other is not worse than pocket full of sunshine. Stop trying to hide your shame on my blog!!

I know, I was torturing everyone. People always want to know what they are getting others.

I think this is a very unique gift that I hope will not only be a thoughtful surprise but also something he'll enjoy.

Maverick Larry said...

I've got a small elite team of special forces elves helping me uncover the mystery that is my christmas present.

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