Saturday, December 6, 2008

My weekend so far

Well I had to get up early this morning so I could run to Walmart to have new tires put on the Durango. Ava apparently knew this so she woke us both up at 6am....

After showering quickly and dressing Ava and myself we ran to Walmart and turned the Durango in to have the tires put on. After browsing various aisle's and pressing all of the dancing snowmen/reindeer/santa's I could find we did some grocery shopping and I get a call from the Auto department...

Man: We need your special wrench thingy because we can't get your locking bolts off.
Me: My what?
Man: Repeats himself
Me: I have no idea what you're talking about (Ava interrupting saying she has had enough of sitting and would like to get down to cause who knows what kind of trouble) I'm coming back there.

Lady: Do you have the Durango?
Me: Yes, but I don't know what you're asking me for. I've never heard of what you're talking about or seen it.
Lady: (with attitude) Well we can't take the tires off without it.
Me: (with even more attitude) Well how do I know where you've checked let me check my car.

They let me go back to car...

Mechanic Man: I checked the glove box and the center console.
Me: Well why would it be in there? Did you check the back of the hatch where the spare tire is?
Mechanic Man: ::Pondering:: ::Opens up back and produces mysterious tire lug nut thing::
Me: ::fuming, lifts eyebrows::
Mechanic Man: Should be about 20 minutes ma'am


Drive 15 or so miles out to cut your own tree farm. Park, retrieve saw. Realized at home that only boots I have are high heeled swede boots...not ideal for tree cutting. Decide 'okay in and out just find a cute small one and lets go'. Get lost in need to find perfectly proportionate tree...start internal war...brain against body.

Brain: Hush now you won't be saying that when we find the perfect tree
Body: ::grumbles:: Here this one is fine
Brain: No no it's much too gap-py on the bottom. Ohh look at this one!
Body: Fine sure whatever I don't care the feet are freezing, let's get the h out of here.
Brain: No no, look at this one side it's all open
Body: Chanting: It's not cool to saw off your own head, it's not cool to saw off your own head
Body: Eureka! I'll cut it down.

Feel good about myself for cutting down tree completely before stronger man beside me gets his down. Swagger a bit, being smug and all and almost fall into snow.

Drag tree 1/2 mile back to car decide Brain is a loser while wind is whipping face and feet are almost frozen to death. Look down at the sweet straight cutting job only to realize there are tons of small branches that need to be trimmed in order for it to fit nicely in base. Swear slightly then begin sawing. Get tree netted, pay and drive home.

At home takes about 10 minutes to put tree up, let it loosen up a bit while making hot chocolate and taking pictures for Cake. Dress tree, take more pictures of favorite ornaments, turn lights off and relax.



Maverick Larry said...

Love the inner dialoge, baby. Your tree looks amazing. Great accomplishment for a Saturday. Let's drink some hot chocolate.

Sarah said...

Thank hunnie! I wish we could have trimmed the tree together! Can't wait for next year. We'll bring a sled for Ava!

David'Z RantZ said...

Special locking lug nut wrench. And it's in the vehicle right next to all the other tire-changing implements? No wonder the mechanics didn't think of that. I would've checked the areas in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, too... like, do you have an ashtray?

Sarah, you just expect too much from these trained professionals.

Sarah said...

I know right! Like what the h!? I was so mad I couldn't believe they didn't check where the spare is kept. It's not even where the spare is, that space is big enough for an entire tire.


Cake said...




Cake said...

(p.s. The tree is perdy!)

Sarah said...

Well I made it for you! You would need it in this weather, I'm pretty sure it was -30 celsius today.

Must go, my small child is playing with the stove...