Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Movie Date night aka He's 'says' She 'says' Nachos!

So Larry and I had a date night tonight, we watched...::asks for movie title again::, Forbidden Kingdom. We also had dinner "together". Which means we made the same thing and ate it (some of us ate more than others...) together while watching the movie.

He 'says' Nachos:

Ground Turkey, grated cheddar cheese, a dab of sour cream and some tomatoes.

She 'says' Nachos:

Ground Turkey, grated cheese, a few dabs of sour cream, diced jalapenos, salsa, tomatoes and Franks hot sauce.

It was a good movie, at first, I won't lie, I thought it was going to be stupid and was counting how many other movies I'd have to watch before it was my turn to pick again. But I liked the movie. The best part was adding our own ad libs though admittedly.

Happy Weekend!


Sarah said...

For the record while I probably did eat more than Larry I did not eat that entire casserole dish!

Maverick Larry said...

It was a fun martial arts kicking and punching movie. My nachos were also yummy. I like 'em simple...what can I say? It's fun to watch movies with someone who you can make funny jokes with along the way. Most people would hate to watch movies with us because we'll add our own funny commentary.

Sarah said...

I completely second that. People would hate to watch movies with us. I absolutely LOVE making funny commentary whilst the movie is playing:

That dude's pissed now
Give that chick a hair cut
She wants you to kiss her now
OW! My funny bone!

Maverick Larry said...

He's not making it to the sequel

Here....touch my bo staff

That chick is going to turn out to be her mom....oh wait....nope....arrows through the chest are usually lethal

Do you have some of that magical elixar to go around to everyone who dies?

I'll be seeing more of you....I bet you will.

Sarah said...

::giggles, burps::
I've had waaaaay too much pop!

Maverick Larry said...

Little lady, you need a ride home. You've had way to much to drink tonight.

Sarah said...

I'm starvin... let's get some f*ckin franch toast!

David'Z RantZ said...

Maverick Larry: "Most people would hate to watch movies with us because we'll add our own funny commentary."

At home -- your own, or someone else's -- that doesn't bother me, because you're among friends, who generally all have the same kind of sense of humor. In the cinema, people need to shut up for the sake of the other patrons.

(By the way, M.L., I love that you're still a maverick!)

Sarah: Speaking of cooking, I just "moved" the KitKat post from "The New David'Z RantZ" to my regular RantZ blog, where Bacon Ace and other commenters just revived the old "Canadian Bacon" argument...

Just sayin', eh?