Friday, November 7, 2008


So this week, I found myself with umm 5 or so days off without Ava. Her grandma gets lonely and constantly asks to have her for a little while. So I gave in and said yes...what would one do with almost 5 days without her child?
Take lots of naps?
Get a pedicure?
Read a book?

Take a 4 hour plane ride to Pensacola Airport, pick up a three hours to Panama city to see the love of her life look at her like she's an Alien for about 15 seconds, not understanding fully what is going on, and why his best friend is coming in with his girlfriend?


I leave for home Sunday morning, which of course is way too soon, but we'll cherish the few days we have together.

I'm a great surpriser!!


Maverick Larry said...

Yeah....totally surprised and totally happy. I had to tell them at work that I would be out of the office taking care of some personal business. That's Sarah's name this weekend. We'll call her Mrs. PB for short. It will be fun to go on a date tonight. I think we'll take a walk on the beach tonight and go to mini golf and a huge maze and then grab some dinner. Tomorrow, I think I'll put her to work spackling up some of the holes in my baseboards, get her to mow my lawn, and then she can rake the pine needles off my roof. I'm such a hopeless romantic.

David'Z RantZ said...

"and then she can rake the pine needles off my roof..."

Oooooohhhhh! I get chills just thinking about it! Better than chocolate and roses any day.

Sarah said...

You're so funny. That was a riot! The funny thing about all of that is I would rather be working together andfixing up the house than receive roses and do nothing!!

David'Z RantZ said...

To Sarah AND Maverick Larry:

Since you two share this blog, someday I'd like both of you to write how you met, how you began this LDR (long distance relationship), etc. But I'd also like each of you to write your stories independently of the other, so we can do a "He said, she said," and see if you remember everything the same way.

Personally, I can't envision an LDR working FOR ME. But you two seem to be doin' jessssst fine.

Sarah said...

We've discussed it, and I don't think we'll write everything. There are some very personal things, and despite being more open than some we like to keep some thing private. We'll see what we can put together. I have a good thought for the next blog, which somewhat ties into what you're asking :)

David'Z RantZ said...

Oh, I never meant for you two to literally tell us everything. Some things must be kept private, and not necessarily because they're "bad."

I mean, what kind of IDIOT would use their blog to tell the entire story of a relationship, leaving in ALL the details, even the most personal and unflattering ones???

Umm... wait a second... let me re-phrase that...

Sarah said...


That was great! I really enjoyed reading my Island too, so while we won't be as openly honest as you I'm selfishly glad that you were!

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