Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's been a silly week

Some conversations from the past week or so: (Coworkers names have been altered)

Me: Do you know if Martine has the USB sticks yet? I want to get AAPS rolling.
Jill: Who's Martine?
Me: You know Martine the one who went to AAPS ::suddenly not sure of self::
::Calling to Egore:: What's that chick's name? The one with the USB's?
Egore: Nicole?
Me: Do you know if Nicole is back with the USB's (I ask nonchalantley)
Jill: ::Laughing:: Martine/Nicole ::puts hands up to mimic scale::
Me: Potato Patato
Jill: ::Huge burst of giggles:: Who says Patato?

Me: ::on phone with Ray:: Don't make me laugh or I am going to lose it I've been giggling all day!
Ray: Oh really, well then I'll have to think of something good! Did I tell you I ordered a calendar?
Me: ::giggles:: No?
Ray: Yeah, my admin assistant called me today and asked if I knew they had to bring my calendar in a special truck. Not thinking anything of it I said 'No, who cares?'. She then said 'you did order a 4x8 calendar right?' I said 'yeah that sounds about right'. Then she paused, and said 'a 4 foot by 8 foot calendar....'
Me: ::giggling uncontrollably:: You did not order a 4ft by 8ft calendar!
Ray: Yes, yes I did. I am a moron. My office is not that big, this calendar is going to take up the entire office!
Me: Why did you order a calendar so big?
Ray: Because sometimes I don't read everything before I click submit.
Me: ::resumes mass hysteria giggling::


Christian: You know new girl, there is an empty cubicle on the other side so you don't have to listen to these two all day. ::points to me and Denise::
Me: ::pretending to be insulted:: I don't know what you're talking about Christian.
Denise: Yeah! What's wrong with us? We're good people!
::New girl/me burst out laughing::
Denise: I've been saying that one for years and I think you two are the only one's who've ever laughed.


Also, I don't know if you know this but I happen to LOVE The Office. In particular a good "That's what she said". I was entering trade show leads and some of the comments are so priceless I giggle to myself in the cube and people think I'm crazy(ier?).

Some good one's:

"....solid oral dosage"

"...says it is so hard to ease it out slowly"

Thank you and goodnight


David'Z RantZ said...

About a dozen years ago, I was with some neighbors who were having a few "social drinks." Somebody made one comment or another, someone else replied "That's what she said," and this of course made the original comment "dirty," so we all laughed.

One of us, a guy named Randy, remarked how nine times out of ten, just adding "That's what she said" to what someone else had said would have precisely that effect. The original line would become both suggestive and humorous.

Immediately after, somebody said something that was forgettable and totally serious. Randy added, "Yeah, that's what she said," and... Nobody laughed at all. It hadn't worked.

"Well," I said, "It looks like that was your 'tenth time,' Randy."

"THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" said Randy, and we ALL laughed.

Sarah said...

hee hee yeah, when you can find those random moments when someone says something completely innocent but can be applied to That's what she said, they are priceless!