Sunday, November 2, 2008

...Are you kidding me?????

So I received a letter in the mail on Saturday letting me know that we have all of a sudden changed rental companies...yadda yadda. Fine, I don't care as long as someone disposes of the gigantic life size pile of leaves in front of my door. However, what I don't appreciate is this portion of the letter (these are direct quotes, spelling mistakes and all):
"Rent payments and any other correspondence should be sent to us, payable to us, at:
Stupid New Rent Company
123 Stupid Street
Stupid Town, ST, 12345


Please feel free to contract (yes, contract) us if you have any needs at this time. If you have maintenance needs please call us at blabbity blah.

Please contact us is you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you."

Now, those of you who know me, knew I would have a response to such a letter, and not to disappoint here it is:

I already paid rent for November 2008 I paid on the Apex property home page. Can you please confirm that this will be transferred over to you? I felt that your letter was sort of rude. You're telling us on October 30th that all of a sudden rent needs to be paid to another person and failure to do so will result in late charge? I would perhaps understand if you had sent this letter in the middle of the month, but find it distressing that you're "laying down the law" so to speak on the first of the month.

Please confirm that the rent will be transferred over to you from Apex, or let me know what steps I need to take for this to happen.

Being that you're in charge now of managing this building perhaps you can send someone out to clean the large volume of leaves currently taking up residence outside my door.

Best regards,

I just took over management at the end of the month, so there is nothing I could have done to get the letter out any sooner. My sign was up for a few weeks, but we just got keys and leases this week. It was not meant to be rude on the timing of the letter. I will work on getting the rent transferred from Apex. The hallways and leaves will be on the list of items to deal with this week.

On a different note, there was a new vacuum put in the hallway closet for cleaning the hallways, and it was taken just days after it was put there. You are the only tenant on the ground floor near the closet (the other unit is currently vacant). I was wondering if you have seen the vacuum or thought that someone left it behind and did not want it. I am trying to work to keep the building looking good. This could just be misunderstanding, and I am not trying to blame you. Do you have any insight on this issue?

Thanks for you help

..............Seriously? Did you just accuse me of stealing a vacuum cleaner? Once again not to disappoint, my response:

First off, thank you for taking care of the leaves.

Secondly I cannot remember the last time I even opened my front door as I only use my side entrance. Furthermore, I have my own vacuum purchased about 9 months ago if you care to see the receipt. I suggest you check with the other tenants, who as the noise level would indicate, frequent the hallways more so than I. I sincerely hope you are not trying to insinuate that I stole a vacuum cleaner. I think I have more important things to worry about and deal with on a daily basis than petty theft.

Not so cordially,

There's more but it's upsetting to me.

To sum up: New Stupid Rental Company is stupid. I hate people who are property managers, they are more often than not absolute jerks. That's why I purposefully signed with a large company.



mulderjoe said...

This was more entertaining than the complete fall 2008 television lineup on NBC.

Sarah said...

Ha ha ha ha Thanks Joe! I did end up calling him today and he was nice on the phone. We'll see how we go eh?

David'Z RantZ said...

Subtitle this one: "Sarah Kicks Ass!"

Sarah said...

heheh Thanks David!