Monday, August 18, 2008

Hospitals and Cheesecake

So we went to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning and walked around for a little bit, maybe 3 hours, and it wasn't a 3 hour hike or anything, just a casual stroll. I noticed that my right leg aka "clotty" was acting up a little and felt heavy, much of the same symptoms as before. So we went home and rested a bit, I knew clotty was swollen, but didn't think much of it.

Sunday I go to put my dress capri's on for Church and notice that one leg is considerably tighter than the other. I knew it had been swollen the night before as I compared leg sizes in the mirror. I should say that usually the swelling goes down within a couple of hours, so far it had been swollen for close to 24 straight. We go to church and then drop Ava off with Adam, and I tell him I might have to go to the ER depending on what the doctors say.

I drop my sister off at the airport and do a quick trip to the grocery store. When I returned home I called the after hours clinic, desperately hoping that I can just come in on Monday for an appt. But alas no, I have to make yet another trip to the emergency room.

So after waiting in my room for an hour and a half, I finally get pushed by this little old lady in a wheel chair. It was very bizarre, I kept wanting to ask her if she would like to sit and maybe I should push. But luckily for me I refrained, I'm pretty sure she would have smacked me had I actually asked.

The feeling of being pushed down that tan and purple hallway to discover you might have another blood clot, which would mean I would be on blood thinners indefinitely is, well annoying. I can't do a lot of the exercises I used to do, and I can't just do a lot of things I used to do. It's again, annoying.

The ultra sound tech was unnecessarily messy. Not kidding there was goopy hot gel everywhere, all over my leg and thigh and her glove and the bed. Gross. She has to push down hard to get my veins to collapse and then...what? spring back up again? So she's bruising my inner thigh practically trying to see something, and luckily she doesn't. After she's done and I use three towels to get the crap off my thighs I wait in the freezing cold hallway in nothing but my skiviies and my gown that covers nothing for over a half hour!

Good times. I did manage, through my headache to bake a Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. I have pictures and will post them later....yeah yeah I'm fully aware I haven't posted the pictures from the truffles, I'm getting to it!!

So, how was your weekend?


Larry said...

The ultrasound tech moonlights as a deep massage therapist and was using you to "warm up" for her nightly work. I'm glad everything worked out.

The painting was fun this weekend. You did very well in picking the right color to bring everything together. I'll have to upload all my home improvement pics to a new album. I think I'll do the touch up painting tonight. After this, I'll measure off my living room and map out how the laminate flooring will go so that I won't have to minimize the cutting. No sense in moving all the furniture back and then moving it again. I wonder how much I can have done by Halloween.

Sarah said...

I definitely think that you should write a home improvement blog and show everyone your pictures!! I know they would love to see!

I know right, what a weirdo.

I think you will be able to get a lot accomplished by halloween baby. I'm so proud of you, your house looks great, you did a good job.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Aw, Sarah! I'm so sorry to hear about that and I am sending good vibes to you and, of course, to Clotty (that cracks me up--you should probably call the other leg "Normy" so it won't feel left out). Together, your two tags for this post, "Cheesecake Hospital," are awesome. Lemme tell ya, that's the ONLY kinda hospital I wanna check into! Cheeeeeesecake Hospital! Motto: "We've taken your dignity, but given you cheesecake, since 1957."

Good luck with all of the home improvement stuff, Larry! I bet you can get a lot accomplished by Halloween.

Sarah said...

Actually my other legs name is Finnigan.

I know, I shall reform my dream from master baker to inventor of cheesecake hospital!


Larry said...

Given a choice between a normal hospital and a cheesecake hospital, 9 out of 10 people will check themselves into the cheesecake hospital. However, I think the name may be a little restrictive since we'll be making more than cheesecake. On the other hand, a bakery named The Cheesecake Hospital is very creative and sparks large amounts of curiosity in people that they must visit the store in order to understand what it is. You should keep it in mind for future plans. :D

Sarah said...

Veto naming my bakery Cheesecake Hospital.

But I like all the we's

I heart you.

Larry said...

This little piggy went "We we we we we we we we we" all the way home.

David'Z RantZ said...

I've been trying to check all the blog postings -- and the comments! -- I missed while I was writing "My Island."

Like this one.

Sorry I found it. Larry just "wee-wee'd" all over it.

This was almost a month ago. Now everybody on the email notification list is gonna hgave to go back just to see what the hell I'm talking about. Nyahhhh!)