Saturday, August 23, 2008

Escargot anyone?

mmmm Now I really want Escargot. This post was supposed to involve snails but not the es-cary-goe kind.

Anyways, I have a HUGE snail problem. My snail population went from 1 to 60. Yes I'm not even exaggerating this time. I tried counting this morning and stopped when it climbed to 60. Usually during the day they are hiding amongst the rocks, but sometimes at night they come out to have "relations"on the top of the glass. I cannot believe that one tiny snail (aka Toto) caused all of this baby drama!

I was trying to find a dramatic picture of a clown loache sucking the snail right out of it's shell and devouring it. But alas, no one has such a picture.

I bought three clown loaches yesterday (when I originally started this post). They are cute, just orange with black stripes, or black with orange stripes if you prefer. I think they have actually gone to work on the snails, there doesn't appear to be that many among the rocks this morning. So you go loache fish! Keep this up and you will be seriously considered for the fish of the year award that I just made up and applies to my tank only.

Random thought #1: Maybe I should get one of those background that you stick to the back of your tank to make your fish feel like they are swimming in the tropics.

Random thought #2: I would kind of like some of my fish to get it on and have baby fish. That would be cool, I'm bored of baby snails! Bring on the baby fish. runs to get Barry White CD

Random thought #3: Mostly I just like pressing shift for the number sign, releasing and the quickly pressing three again.

Random thought #4: I think I will make Tiramisu today.

That is all.

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Larry said...

If you ever want to eat escargot, I have a tip for making it less expensive. Just go into your fridge, spoon some butter into a saute pan, and when the butter gets a little soft, eat the butter. That's pretty much the consistence and taste that you'll have if you ever eat escargot.

My random thought: Who was the first person to try and eat snails? Did they look at this slimey thing crawling on the ground and say "That looks good. I'm going to use my little fork and dig this animal out of its habitat and eat it. Yummy. That tasted good, but it needs more butter and garlic and it needs to be cooked. Let's look for more of these".

Do your clown loaches tell many good jokes? You should totally name them Larry, Moe, and Curly....or Nemo, Marlin, and Coral....or Bozo, Clarabelle, and Pennywise.

In order to keep the snails from having sex, you should have taped up pictures of cubicles so they'll think they're at work all the time. Or buy them miniature hampster wheels connected to a turbine and a generator that way all the snails can actually make energy for you and you can sell it back to the power company for a profit.....oh wait, snails are slow. Forget about that idea. Instead, throw out the fish and get hampsters and start to work on that whole power generation idea.

I'm hungry. I wonder what ALICE made for me.