Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Death by Chocolate

So it was my boss's birthday yesterday and naturally my coworkers came to me to bake him some sort of cake...please! Some sort of cake?!?! How could these people possibly not know me?

So I kind of went a little overboard and made Dark Chocolate Tarts and Dark Chocolate Truffles. Pictures are below, I don't have any of the truffles as they disappeared before I could take a picture but I will post some tonight or tomorrow as I have more at home.

Everyone loved the truffles and tart, they were quite good, the tart is very rich though, I could only eat about half. no put the fork down I didn't mean it that way!

Ohh I almost forgot! I posted a couple of Ad's on Craig's list offering my baking services. Anything from children's birthday cake or cupcakes to more gourmet desserts for family gatherings and/or dinner parties!


Larry said...


Sarah said...

You LOVE it, admit it. You're just gearing up for when you move here and are able to partake in the delectableness.

Speaking of delectableness aka you, you haven't posted in a while...s'up G?

Larry said...

Nothin'. Just rollin' with my peeps. I'm all spent from my huge previous post. I may work up the strength to post again after our visit with my parents.

Sarah said...

Super duper uper lameness