Monday, July 7, 2008

yeah yeah I have a blood clot, but more importantly a NEW coffee maker!!!!!!!!!

The jist of what I consider the boring part of this post is that I went in on Tuesday July 1st (Canada Day) to the emergency room when I realized my leg that had been throbbing on and off and randomly turned numb was twice the size as my left. After waiting and an ultra sound on my leg, they found a large clot in a major artery at the top of my leg...y'know where the big veins like to hang out and pick on the little one's.

So all this lead to two shots of lovenox a day in my abs, and 4-6 months of cumiden. Many blood tests during the week for the first 3-4 weeks than at least 1-2 a month for the remainder of the cumiden. Plus a whole slew of things you can't eat many which happen to be my favourite, including sushi which I am just not ready to talk about yet. Anyways I'm fine and my leg is feeling better which means the clot is getting smaller, not ready to run a marathon but at least it no longer hurts to drive...sort of...okay it still hurts a little.


I bought a new precious shiny thing. Here's my story:

I was mulling around the grocery store minding my own business p’od that I just broke the carafe to my capp machine when low and behold I am buying milk and happen to look down to see the most beautiful coffee brewing system in the world. Senseodoesn’t even the name sound sexy? It’s one of those pod coffee makers that make the absolute most delicious cup of coffee, one at a time. And it had a coupon attached to it for two free bags of the pods…and came with one free bag on the inside…and…and it was marked down from $70 to $20. I cried, the machine and I wept together actually, I had finally found the absolute love of my life, and he had found an owner that would love him and use him every day until he was rusty. I bought it without hesitation, set it up and brewed the most breathtaking cup of coffee the world has ever known. Seriously I could cry at how beautiful the cup of coffee in my hand was. Sigh…I still have tears


mulderjoe said...

I'm still quite jealous of your new coffee maker. Even though I have a Bunn, I'm envious!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you're man enough to admit it mulder. I have heard that Bunn's are top notch, but I digress, my coffee maker is the sh*t and would definitely take anyone else's coffee maker in a cage match

Larry said...

Who won the coffee maker contest with you and your coworker?