Sunday, July 20, 2008

When a full house flushes straight to the heart of pocket aces

So we are hosting a Poker night next Saturday and I was wondering if anyone had some good idea's for food. I'm thinking a bunch of appetizer, that would be simple yet enthusiastically delicious.

I have stuffed mushroom caps, because who doesn't like stuffed mushroom caps? I was thinking my world famous turkey meatballs with toothpicks at the top so that we can pick them up easily. Anyone have any other suggestions??

Or even something you have heard of that you've never had that you've wanted to try but are not as fabulously talented as I and would now like to live vicariously through us and our guests?

I'm open to all suggestions people!


Larry said...

I'm still stuck on thinking about elephant ears. They sound super yummy right about now. I even thought about trying to drive to the closest carnival to get my fix. Your ideas sound great. What about some sort of chicken strips? There will be Joseph and 2 little girls here, so maybe chicken nuggets for them? Cheese tray with crackers? I think a fruit and vegetable tray will go over well. Jason loves fruit and veggies. I can cut up a watermelon into little cubes very quickly. Joseph loves little manderine orange slices. Mac and cheese is always a hit with them, so we should have some of that. Your chicken ziti dish looks very yummy and would go over very nicely. No chocolate for dessert though. There will be some aliens among us. Once you have the menu set, I'll call and let Stacie know what time the twins usually eat and it will make everyone's mouth water. Love you.

Sarah said...

Okay...thank you for your suggestions. However I feel sort of jipped that you didn't mention my clever title!! I mean I worked hard on that baby!!

I think veggies and dip, and fruit sound awesome. I can definitely make homemade Mac N Cheese. If I make Mac N Cheese I don't think I should make the Chicken Parm bake though because that might be pasta over load.

OOOOOH We could totally do like fruit shishkabobs!!! I have these little skewers that hopefully you will have as well down there as I think they might be confiscated if I tried to travel with them.

I love you too baby.

Larry said...

Baby, you are in charge of the menu. You are such a creative genious when it comes to food. Just decide on your delectible creation and I'll send out the word. Thanks for making our dinner party so cool. Love you.

Sarah said...

Yeah um once again, no mention on the creative genius that is my title of this blog.

No, no I don't want to hear it now, any comments hence forth will be tainted!!

Larry said...

Just go ahead and impress Jason with your mad poker skills. Leave the witty comments at the door. We'll buy you some cool sunglasses.