Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When gnomes are involved hilarity always ensues!

So for whatever reason we call my Mom the Gnome. She's short (under five feet) and wore these pointy "desert boots" forever. She pretends she doesn't like being called the gnome but we all know she loves it.

Anyways, my Mom and Sister sent me a ridiculous check for my birthday and here was my thank you email:

Thank you both so much for the lovely cards and the money. I have no idea why you sent so much!! I appreciate it though and Thanks.

I will have to buy something shiny and pink…but wait, I don’t want to attract too many gnomes with something shiny…hmm re-think…I will have to buy something cute with polka dots…no no that won’t due they’ll just follow me around thinking it’s their mushroom…

I’ve got it! Some beautiful plants for our new house!! No…then Larry Ava and I will just have to deal with squatters…Hmm this is more complicated than I thought…I’ll have to give it a little more in-depth thought. I’ll let you know what I come up with!

It is in my opinion that whenever you can work the word squatters into a conversation there's always laughter! I'm pretty sure my random bursts of laughter and hushed giggling while composing the above email confirmed to my coworkers that I am indeed crazy.

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