Monday, April 20, 2009

Apparently you do not need basic math skills to be a property manager...

This is the email I sent to my old landlord this evening. When I originally signed my lease I received 1 month free. Which I then prorated over 12 months. The number of times I have had to call to remind him of this after receiving letters stating my account was over due was more than once. Should I only have to say it once? I've said it now 3 times.

And here Ladies and Gents is number 4:

Please let me see if I can finally put this to rest. I am completely astounded by the check you sent me -45 dollars.

The lease is $650/Month for 12 months = 7800.
$7800 - $650 (1 month free) = $7150
$7150/12 Months = $595.84/Month
My rental check for 11 months was $595 x 11 = $6545 - $7150 = $605

Which is the exact amount my last check, for the month of March was made out to.

Please send the $45 dollars still owed on your balance ASAP.

I almost said "Or I will file in small claims court, Don't think I wont I hate you that much"

But that wouldn't be a very Christian thing for me to do would it?

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