Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tax problems

So I tried doing my taxes online myself (aka with Larry's help as I asked questions every 20 seconds) and after entering all of my information it said my return should be around $1300. I've never had such a low return in my entire life, even when I was 16. So I thought okay I must be doing something wrong and sent mine and Adams return in to the woman who usually does our taxes. She comes back and tells us that filing together would equal an amount even lower than my filing by myself.

I'm pretty sure she's currently a crack baby. I mean wtf? She is claiming that Adam would have to pay $1700 in back taxes if he files by himself (to which she added in an email "I don't see how that's fair to him if you do decide to file separately", to which my internal reply was riddled with curse words I don't say out loud, being a lady and all).
Adam and I spoke at length about this, he's not making any more or less money than 5-6 years ago before he was married and he was receiving like 2-3K back each year.

So what I want to know is, is this President Bush's fault or President Obama's? That punk President Obama owes me about $1k extra according to his fancy ass-backwards calculator that I have screen shots of to prove Mr, don't think I've forgotten about that because I haven't.

I know IANO favors it being Bush's fault, but what do the rest of the masses have to say?


Kathy said...

Ava is adorable (awesome video) so I think you should abandon waiting for your mega tax return and get that girl a Ford modeling contract!

BTW, Joe wants the turtle you found in Larry's backyard. He has a thing for turtles.

Sparkle Plenty said...

1) Good luck with the taxastrophe--ook. And: Is Tax Lady DATING Adam? Why is it any business of hers how much he pays or gets back? Feh, Tax Lady, feh!
2) Last year, I had to pay $4,800--first time ever. I'm far from Scroogina McDuck. I'm self-employed--and I paid my usual giant, quarterly, accountant-calculated taxes. And: Got totally smushed. Just sayin'...
3) I agree with K--if Ava enters show business, your retirement is assured. :-)
4) Okay...down to names for your landscaping co./bakery. None of them are any good, but I promised. Here goes!
Sweets 'n Sweats (ee-yew)
Buds and Buns (no, no, NO)
Flour 'n Flower (you can see I'm trying to work a theme here and it's increasingly tragic)
Prune/Danish (git it? git it? okay, you're right...still bad)
[Your Name Here's] Bake 'n Rake
HOT TAMALES! I like that last one! Throw me a cut when you use it!

Sparkle Plenty said...

BAKE 'n RAKE!!! Go with Bake 'n Rake!

Slogan: We bake 'em and rake 'em.
(Although: Does that imply you're raking loaves of bread? Oops.)

I'm not graphic-design-gifted, but I say your logo/t-shirt design should be a sort of heraldic shield with a loaf of bread and a rake crossed. And maybe a turtle worked in because Joe likes 'em and so do I.

Hey! What can I say? I'm not graphic-design-gifted! :-)

(I'm doing my taxes now. I'm scared.)

Randomness said...

Kathy! I know he told me he wanted to keep it, I think he was generally offended when I told him I wasn't keeping him, until I explained that the turtle would probably live a longer and happier life on his own.

Sparkle! You are a secret marketing genius! Paying taxes back blows. Bake 'n Rake is pretty good, but why is it that I also really like Hot Tamales? good luck with your taxes! Let me know if you need help apparently when a professional does it I owe money but when I do it, I get a sweet little sum of money back!