Friday, March 20, 2009

Some more comics to make you giggle

Happy First day of spring! Spring brings many things, today it brought the coldest day in two weeks (go figure). Hopefully it will start to bring more flowers and new buds on the trees. I can't wait to move, we have a lovely porch where I intend to plant some lovely flowers. I've also decided that I plan on having an Easter egg hunt this year with Ava. I think she's too young yet to just spread gobs of candy everywhere and hope that she finds it all, so I think I'll buy those colourful eggs that you can put candy and little treats inside. Maybe we'll even make Easter themed cookies!

I miss Larry.

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Maverick Larry said...

I wanna hide all the easter eggs too and make a big deal about finding them with Ava and Joseph. Joseph is getting good about finding things. He's getting so big. I'm pretty sure he's already solving Algebra problems.

I miss both of you.