Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BCD's, Flippers and Snorkles Oh My!

Yes, that's right. I'm happy to announce I have a beautiful new BCD that just arrived today in the mail. After being scolded by the mail people about using my company name on something I skipped back to my desk and slowly, carefully opened the box to see my wonderful new possession.

It was even more beautiful than I imagined.

The only problem of course is that it's not pink. Trust me, if I could I would deck everything I owned scuba and otherwise in hot pink. But apparently as I was told on Saturday Scuba gear follows the same trends as skiing gear and at the moment Hot Pink is not in. These people obviously know nothing.

I also purchased my wonderful new fins! There are two kinds of fins in the scuba world. A full fin, or a split fin. The full fin gives you more power and allows you to move faster in the water. However it also takes more leg power to use them and if you're not terribly athletic your leg could cramp up. Split fins allow the water to pass through your fins more easily, thus making your kick not as effective, but easier on your legs.
Mine is a cross between the two. I know I know I just said there were only two kinds, so sue me! It's technically a full fin, but it has a soft rubber part in the middle of the fin that allows the fin to be more flexible, allowing the water to pass around the fin more easily.

Next came my wonderful mask. I tried so hard, begged even for a pink mask but i was denied...I wonder if I could paint around the mask in pink? Instead I bought a very comfortable mask which is an open style. While we were in the pool I had a mask with only a front view, meaning my peripheral vision was kaput. With my new mask I can have a complete 180 view of the fishies.

I know I promised a snorkle, but I lied. I hate snorkles. I did not buy one. Funny enough I bet that's the one piece of equipment I actually could purchase in pink. Life is cruel that way...


Sparkle Plenty said...

HOLY COW! I thought it was a rocket pack at first!

(You can tell that I'm chicken...of the sea...)

WAY COOL! Enjoy!

Canadian Bake-Tress said...

oh man, now I've totally disappointed you. No no, you can admit it, you're disappointed.

I promise if I ever do aquire a jet pack it will be hot pink...with sparkles everywhere.

You're not chicken...surely you like to swim? Surely...!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Yeah! I like to swim! I've just never scubaed (is scuba a verb?).

And: No way didja disappoint me! That's awesome scubaing equipment.

(Hmm...What is this sadness in my heart? Oh. Okay. Now that you mention it, maybe I am a tad downcast. I was all, "Jet packs in my lifetime...finally! Yeah!" Look: If you get a hot pink one with sparkles, fill it with fuel and send it on over to me, 'kay?)