Sunday, August 9, 2009

Adventures in Scuba Diving!

This weekend I finished up all of my Open water dives, which means...I am now officially PADI certified and can dive anywhere in the world.

It was a truly wonderful experience. There's nothing quite like it. The weightlessnes, being able to breathe with your head completely underwater. Coolest thing ever! While sitting at the bottom of the lake doing all of our exercises small mouth bass would come up to watch and hang out with us. They were so close and some even let us touch them before swimming away.

We all had so much fun and I've met some really great people. We even learned that a company doesn dives every Sunday and Tuesday for $25 which includes all of your gear! That's a great deal, trust me!

Enjoy some lovely photos of the group!

Justin and Michelle pose for the camera!

Myself and my dive buddy Sarah!

Tired from Diving

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