Thursday, July 16, 2009

I control the price of Gas

I know what you're thinking...
'Sure ya do Sarah, isn't she so sweet? She thinks she controls the price of Gas! That Sarah, she always was kind of slow...'

But I do. For the past four weeks straight every single time I have filled up my tank for my new car Gas has decreased in price the second I have finished fueling.

Don't believe me? Yesterday the prices in Madison were holding strong at around $2.39 a gallon. Today I filled up my tank near home at $2.39. When I was driving in to Madison I noticed that the price of gas was $2.33. That's 6 whole cents people. At the ten gallons I used to fill my tank that's 60 cents -for you non math wizards-.

So next time you need to fill your tank just give me a call, I'll let you know when I'm filling up. Wait about 5 minutes and your bound to have cheaper gas...


Jeanie said...

Hey C.B.!It's been a long time since I've made my way artound the blogs.You,Sparkle, Foxy, Cake, Ishat's and the rest!If you really can control gas prices, how about moving to Mass.?I hardly ever drive anymore, and I'm only in my early 60's, not like I'm an old lady yet, right?haha

So glad to see that you and your hansome man are still together.

Cake said...

Hey, how's about learning to control the weather next? We could use some sunshine up here.

Is that JEANIE!?? *faints*

Canadian Bake-Tress said...

It has been a long time! We missed you, and hope you have been well!
You're still a spring chicken in my book!!

Thank you, Larry and I are doing well...but between us girls I'm only with him because his son Joseph is cuter than pie! pie cute? Where did that saying come from?

Cake! I will work my magical powers on some sunshine for you. I will do my sunshine dance, similar to the one in that movie, but she stole it from me.

Jeanie said...

Hi Cake.Yup, it's me.

C.B., your just with Larry cause of his cute son?Good thing he'll never know, right?lol

Canadian Bake-Tress said...

It's true Jeanie! That little guy just melts my heart. I'm not saying Larry's not nice to look at. He's a good side benefit...Especially since he's shaved the goatee. Sigh...he's so dreamy.

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