Sunday, May 25, 2008

Burns and Barbeque's

So this weekend has turned out pretty good so far. Yesterday I had a wicked bad headache, and felt awful for essentially having to ignore Ava for a bit. But it did go away and then we were off to the zoo. I decided to walk instead of drive because it really was a beautiful day out. I probably could have picked a better time though. By the time we arrived at the Zoo it was well into Ava's nap time. She was not very happy or cooperative....oh well :)
She slept on the walk home, and yes, I became very sunburned! I know after all my scolding to Larry and putting on sunscreen! I don't know I didn't think I would get sunburned, not that I actually think I have sunscreen...But I did buy some. I'm just glad Ava was covered up enough that she didn't get burnt.

We came home and went to Walmart (after spending $65.01 on Gas!!!!!!!!!) and I bought a barbeque, just a little one that uses those little Coleman tanks. It's so cute and I am very happy with it. I had a tasty dinner of Turkey Burgers, Tinfoil Potatoes and Cesar Salad.

Then Larry and I watched Evan Almighty. I thought it was a good movie, I am partial to Steve Carrel and I actually, despite his last few films, didn't think that he was too much like his Michael Character on The Office. My favourite part of the whole film was when 'God' was speaking to his wife and he said "If someone prays for patience does God grant them patience, or opportunities for them to be patient?"

I thought this was a poignant statement. When we ask for things from God we shouldn't just expect them straight out, we should look for different ways that he might deliver them to us. He might not outright grant us patience, but situations in which for us to use our patience. We all have it we just have to exercise it.


Larry said...

It's ok that you got sunburnt. I've had my share and you live and learn. I got sunburt at the airshow and I didn't even think it was that bad outside.

I really liked the movie. I especially liked the part when you said to me that if I told you I needed to build an ark, you'd support me. That was so sweet. It made me wonder if Noah's family was very supportive of him right off the bat. Thanks for being you. If I ever get called on to build an ark, I promise to style that hair and beard like Paul Mitchell. I'd look so sytling.

I wonder if they'll be doing anymore Almighty movies.

One thing the movie did remind about is starting out with one Act of Random Kindness. I'll be keeping my eye out.

Sarah said...

I know, I should have been more carefull though. I bought some sunscreen at Walmart so we should be good to go!

I liked the movie too. I thought it was kind of odd for Lauren Grahams character to seem like she was so willing to belive in God and then when he tried to be honest with her she didn't believe him.

I absolutely would help you build it. I guess I just know you and know you wouldn't lie about something like that, and I have faith :)

That beard was pretty sexy...not going to lie.

I hope so I thought Bruce Almighty was pretty good too.

Yes, ARK, I will keep my eye out as well.