Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mountains, Movies, Eggplant...oh my!

Needless to say I had the most wonderful time when Larry came to visit us. He and Ava formed a quick and loving bond and I knew he was hooked the first time she said "ah bubba?" to him! But hey, she's adorable so who wouldn't be hooked right?

I tried to plan as many fun things to do as possible.
Hiking at Devils Lake:

We had so much fun hiking, and it was just great to be outside, despite the bugs and late blinding headache.

I know...we're adorable :)

We went to the Drive in, yes the old kind of drive in where you open up the back of your car with pillows and blankets and listen to the movie through your radio. It was an absolute blast, we both had so much fun.

And we ate the most gigantic burgers, it was the best!

I even let my hair down and let him help in the kitchen!! Something I am not notoriously known for. Yes I am controlling, yes it's because I am slightly arrogant and think I can do a better job, but I also love to do it. I love to cook for people and I love knowing how much they appreciate how absolutely delicious the meal is with the look on their face and that inevitable "mmmmmmm oh my God", so I suppose I should throw in egotistical as well....

So maybe he used a little too much sauce, and perhaps he cut the cheese in a way that would make most chefs cringe and kiss their fingers, but I appreciated the amused look on his face while he tolerated my patient impatience...

But the best times we had? The spontaneous plans, renting a movie in the middle of the day, watching college jeopardy on the couch, asking about rocks and dynamite and making him slightly crazy with all my questions. Having someone break my favourite glasses, watching him tenderly wipe Ava's sick nose, being in the kitchen and hearing him playing with her and teaching her every word he could think of. Those are the precious precious memories than cannot be planned or purchased. And I am beyond grateful for everything in my life.

No matter what the next step or hurdle may bring, I am grateful for today.


David'Z RantZ said...

Hi, Sarah.

Thanks for your nice comments about my blog.

I like your blog. It's very uplifting in tone (without being sickeningly sweet), so all I can say is that, yeah, being "seen" around your blog could definitely ruin my crotchety old image! It's bad enough I link to "Kicky & Jumpy" and "Redbeard," both written by guys who openly love their kids.

Now about the link thing: If you mean "how do I mention something and give my readers a link to click on," check my blog archives, click on "Open the Door, Richard," and scroll down to the "Very Private P.S. for Sparkle Plenty."

If you just want to provide a list of sites you want to link to (like "Kicky and Jumpy"), go to the top of your page, click on "customize," then on the new page, click on "dashboard," then on the following page, click on "add a page element," and on the new page, click on "link list!"

Finally, you can go to "Customize," then "Settings," then "Comments," and check off "Comment Notification Emails" so you'll automatically receive an email whenever someone comments on your posts. That way you won't have to check them.

David'Z RantZ said...

Finally, if you're as anal as I am, you might want to find and set the time zone thingy. I actually posted this comment at 8:24! ;-)

Sarah said...

ooooooooooooooook I found everything except "add a page element"!!! I couldn't find I blind? I have been up early and although have consumed enough coffee for gut rot I still cannot see it!

But I fixed the comments thing and the time zone thing.

Thank you for liking my blog it does kind of rock, it's okay to admit it. Maybe I balance the scales a little because I am a Mom who openly loves her kid? Probably not, we'll just have to keep it a secret :)

David'Z RantZ said...

My mistake, I skipped a step! Customize: Dashboard: Layout: Add a Page Element!

Sarah said...

Oh for heavens sakes! Well I was able to add one link...I tried adding yours as another thinking "I am so the sh*t, I have this down!"

But alas I cannot seem to figure out how to add more than one blog so I'm afraid Joe is in the spot light. Now he'll have a swelled head and go tell all his friends about it. sheesh

David'Z RantZ said...

Hm. Not sure why it won't work. After you enter the URL and the actual site name, hit "add link," and the URL & site name fields will clear. Repeat the steps for each link you want to add. After you're done adding links, hit "save changes" and close the window.

Sarah said...

actual site name...just kidding! it totally works now, and so you are famous as well.

UCF said...

Sarah's next mission is to become an awesome computer programmer. As if becoming a master pastry chef isn't enough of a goal for her.

Anyways,I had a blast with you too Sarah. This is only the beginning of some great times. I loved hanging out with you and Ava. See you in about a month. Love you baby.

Sarah said...

Oh Oh Oh my sides, they're splitting!! Shut it!

Thanks, I had obviously a great time with you too. I love you and I am counting down the days until our vaca in June. 27, see I told you I was counting.