Tuesday, October 26, 2010

6 Months in review

Wow, I can't believe how much has happened and how much time has passed! I blame Larry mostly for not being able to post, you know how time consuming he is!! :)

We had a great summer and are setting up to have a really awesome Fall and winter! Already the leaves are changing and falling, we have the house all ready for Halloween and I think are FINALLY going to be able to carve pumpkins tonight! I love pumpkins.

We've had a busy October so far, every weekend I have had an event! 3 weddings and a Touched Twice Event at church (not the same ring as the movie eh?).

The Touched Twice Event went really well. We were able to help over 450 families in our area get some medical attention or help with food and clothing. It was a lot of fun, and great to meet new people!!

I promise we will have more posts in the last quarter of the year. So far our Events include:
-Craft show at work Nov 10
-Cookie Decorating Party Nov 20th - Cookies will be iced in pretty designs as well as donated to a local non profit in time for Thanksgiving!
-Thanksgiving Ava will be visiting her Dad's family which means I get to drag Larry out for some Black Friday shopping!! (Let's keep that between us for the moment eh!)
-Vegas!! Larry and I are going to Las Vegas for a week from Nov 29-Dec 3 for a conference with his work.
-December 17-January 1 we will be in Canada!!! WOOHOO!!! We haven't been home in too long, so I am more than a little excited!!

Enjoy some of our past moments!

xoxo Sarah

Larry snuggles with our new kitten!!

Ava showing off how fabulous she is :)

Wedding I did which had a love bird theme.

Pumpkin Cake for friend's of ours whose son was turning 1!!

Another Wedding Purple colours which had real lavender flowers!!

Bride and Groom Cupcakes!

Ava and myself at our first Iron Cupcake Madison Event. The secret Ingredient was Coffee! I won for best display!! Woo hoo!!

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