Sunday, October 11, 2009

Motorcycles, Spelunking, Cake Pops, Pies and Pumpkins, Oh My!

I apologize that the pictures are in no particular order. Blogger imports pictures in reverse order that you load them. But I'll write a little something about each!

Motorcycle: Our new friends love pretty much everything Larry and I do. Scuba diving, Motorcycles and Sky diving! Everything our parents want to hear eh?
But I was able to ride on the back of Justin's Motorcycle, he and Michelle were racing and it was so much fun. Then we stopped on a deserted road and Justin and Michelle taught me how to ride a motorcycle in first gear. Not to worry I didn't go over 25 mph! It was a LOT of fun though.

Spelunking: We went to Mt. Horeb this weekend to a coworkers party. We had a lot of fun. We went on a cave tour, which was fun minus the three year old. Ava wanted to keep moving and the tour guide kept stopping so yeah...that wasn't so fun.

Cake Pops: Have you heard of cake pops? Neither had I! They are officially my new favourtie thing though. I made Ghosts and Pumpkins for Rogers Party.

Pies and Pumpkins: Last weekend (Oct 3rd) we went to a pumpkin farm and picked a lot of pumpkins. Somehow I ended up with 7. Ava was obviously cute that day. We also grabbed a big bag of apples and I made three delicious apple pies out of them!

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Cake said...

I'm slow replying but...adorable pictures! And I still want cake pops. Yum!

What's wee gal going as for Halloween? My friend's toddler daughter is going as Belle from Beauty and the cute. I love living vicariously through the cuteness of other peoples' kids. :)