Thursday, June 5, 2008

13 days!!

I am so excited to see my baby in 13 days! We are going to my cousins wedding and then to visit with my family for about 5 days. 10 days in total for us together :)

Yes I realize no one but us cares, but I have nothing else to say really :)

OH I lost a good pair of shoes tonight *tear*

And Detroit won the Stanley Cup WOOOOOOOOO. I guess either way I didn't REALLY care but a coworker likes the red wings so I was all about them. It was over all a pretty good game but I would have liked a game 7. I just thought that it was so pathetic after the game, no one cared that they won and there were more reporters there than Detroit fans! Poor Detroit.

Someone mentioned that Don Cherry had commented that he always turns the game off for about ten minutes after the team wins the Stanley cup because he can't stand watching them hoist the cup.

Look there is something you should understand, yes every sport has their followers and I'm sure you'll all make up why your favourite sport is the best, whatever I don't care. Hockey truly is one of the best sports. You don't know what it's like, it's ingrained in you it's something you love, something you eat, breathe and live everyday. IF you are good enough to make it to professional there is one thing and one thing only that you are after, to hoist that cup. When you play and coach for SO many years, I can absolutely imagine you being bitter about watching others hoist the cup.


Larry said...

I'll actually be spending time with your family the whole time. Your mom, Eric, and Mellisa first and your dad and Willow next. I can't wait to meet them all and have fun playing putt putt with you and Mellisa. We will have so much fun together joking around. Love you bunny.

Sarah said...

So you're NOT going to be spending any time with Ava and me? Aw that's so sad.

Larry said...

Of course I'll be spending time with you and Ava. How can I possibly neglect the two most important people of all?

Sarah said...

Well it's nice to be mentioned!