Monday, March 8, 2010

Beach Wedding!

Hey Everyone!

Well Cupcake Carousel was on a short hiatus, as we visited Marco Island Florida, just outside of Naples. Not only were we able to enjoy a little sun and relaxation, we were also able to witness my Mom and Step Dad say "I do" in a wonderful beach wedding.

So naturally I offered to bake the wedding cake and cupcakes. My brilliant idea popped into my head while visiting one of my favourite baking stores in Wisconsin called Vanilla Bean. While aimlessly walking down one of their aisles some gold sparkling sanding sugar caught my eye. I picked it up studying it thoughtfully when it hit me...Beach Cupcakes!! I quickly called my Mom and explained my idea, which she loved and thus, Beach Cupcakes were born!

We had our standard chocolate and Lemon cupcakes, then I used Buttercream icing in ivory to use as the background for the sand, applied the gold sanding sugar, then used bright blue Buttercream to pipe the waves on the beach. Lastly I added a starfish and clam shell to the "beach" made from rolled fondant.

Not only were the cupcakes delicious, (I think I ate 4!) but they looked great! Everyone loved how they tied in with the theme of the wedding.


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Cake said...

Oooh you got spam and it's BORING spam!

But, in happier news...congrats to your mom and step-pop! And beautiful work on the cupcakes and cake, as always! They look beautiful AND delicious!

Beach Weddings said...

Looks great for a Wedding reception.

Sarah said...

I know right!? What the h is going on here?

Thanks Cake! It was completely exhausting looking after two kids and trying to bake 90 cupcakes, but worth it for the outcome! :)

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